Planning and Architectural Design

Jump Solutions, Inc. provides wide range of services for IT consultancy, network and infrastructure assessment, risk assessment and proof of concept to help the customers analyze the gap, and be able to design, strategize and plan to meet and address IT requirements and achieve the business goals.

Implementation Services

Jump Solutions, Inc. implements post-sales processes including installation, configuration, testing and system migrations and integrations that fits the current and future IT needs of our customers. Our implementation services are always designed with our customers in mind thus we strive to use proven methodologies and project management for accurate planning and execution.

Training and User Education

Jump Solutions, Inc. provides the best framework for trainings and technical workshops and ensures that the customers are well acquainted with the solutions we implement. Supported by our modules and as built documentations, our team delivers the needed approach in providing trainings for administration, management and best practices for both IT Administrators and users. We emphasizes in ensuring that our customers have access to the implementation processes and flow, together with accurate and significant information resources for additional knowledge.

Maintenance and Technical Support

With the rising issues in employee productivity, Jump Solutions, Inc. helps our customers not to suffer due to IT concerns. From system and device performance checking and replacement, to providing after-sales technical support, our team ensures our customers that we will treat their IT Infrastructure and devices with so much care. We will work with you in proper handling of cases through our 24×7 remote support platform.

Repair Services

Nowadays, millions of people rely so much on devices such as PC and laptops to access the internet. We know that your devices are important tools and having major inconveniences related device performance issues can affect the overall productivity. With several years of experience as an Authorized Service Center, Jump Solutions, Inc. have provided help to our customers with our rapid dispatch of onsite personnel for repairs, troubleshooting and other PC related support services. We are fully committed to help you receive the utmost services, and to meet or exceed the recommended turn around time and ensure business continuity.

Managed Services

Jump Solutions, Inc. Managed Services is designed to handle the customers’ daily operations of specialized applications. With our flexible subscription model, our Security Operations Center as a Service provides organizations with cybersecurity experts dedicated to 24×7 monitoring, detecting, and investigating threats across your organization’s entire enterprise. Enroll your organization’s infrastructure to a managed vulnerability assessment and test your organizations security from time to time. This is a process of defining, identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures. Our service will provide the organization on doing the assessment with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk backgrounds to understand and react to the threats to its environment.