See our accomplishments over the past years. As a Top IT Solutions Provider, our long list of awards and recognitions is a testament to our credibility.

Cisco Premier Integrator
  • Top Partner of the Year 2020 – Cisco Data Center
  • Rookie of the Year 2019
  • Top Data Center Partner 2018
  • Cisco SMB Sales Excellence Awardee 2018
  • Partner of the Year FY2016
  • DAP Partner of the Year FY2015
  • Top Sales Partner of the Sky’s the Limit Istanbul 2015
  • Partner of the Year FY2015
  • Breakthrough Partner of the Year for Security FY2015
  • Top Sales Partner of Wall of FAME Barcelona 2014
  • Breakthrough Partner of the Year FY2014
Dell Technologies Gold Partner
  • FY20 Rising Star Award Tier 2
Fortinet Advanced Partner
IBM Partner Growth Incentive
  • Significant Achievement of a New Partner FY2011
Lenovo ISG Gold Partner
  • Top Growth Partner FY 1819 – Gold Lenovo Data Center Group
  • Top Performer of the Year Commercial Business FY1516
Lenovo PC Commercial Platinum
  • FY1920 Top Presidents Club Awardee
  • Fastest Growth Partner of the Year 2015
  • Outstanding Performance and Contribution 2014
  • Reseller of the Year 2013
  • Outstanding Performance and Contribution 2013
  • Top Platinum Business Partner of the Year 2012
HP Enterprise Silver Partner
  • Top Reseller for HPE Proliant Servers and Storage for CY2016
HP Inc. Silver Partner
  • PPS Service One Specialist FY1314
  • Top Business with a Highest Growth
  • Top Business Partner for Notebook
  • Top Business Partner for Desktop
Sophos Rising Star Partner
  • Rising Star Partner for FY2019
Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Highest Revenue /Market Share FY2014–Q4
  • Highest YOY Growth FY2014–Q4
  • Highest Revenue/Market Share FY2014–Q3
  • Microsoft Partner Network
  • Highest YOY Growth FY 2013–Q4
  • Highest Revenue / Market Share FY2014-Q1
  • Highest Revenue/Market Share FY2013–Q2
  • Highest Revenue / Market Share FY2013-Q3
  • Highest Revenue / Market Share FY2013-Q4
VMware Professional Partner
APC Select Partner
  • Select Partner FY2013
McAfee Growth Partner
  • Best of Breed Run Rate 2020